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First I hated him. Then I needed him. Now he might be my only hope…

Eden Carter’s beauty has not brought her privilege. It’s brought her attention, but not the kind she wants. Between her bullying uncle and a boss that crosses the line, she dreams of a safer life in the arms of the giant shadow that lurks at the edges of the night.

Leander Leos is the beast that casts the shadow, and Eden is his obsessive torment. A violent and tactical past has prepared him to be her greatest protector, but where do his noble intentions end and his dark obsession begin?

When another monster comes calling, Leander steals his prize, locking her away from the dangers of the world. Willing or unwilling, he will keep her safe. But as the lines between captivity and desire blur, can they find a future in each other’s arms?

Or will their happiness become another casualty?

Author’s Note: This standalone final chapter in the Brothers of Corruption series brings you a haunted bad boy whose loyalty knows no bounds and an innocent damsel with dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Sprinkle in some stalking, kidnapping and Stockholm syndrome, then glaze the whole thing with dual virgin sweetness and bake at a very high heat. It’s explosive, dark and delicious. Enjoy!



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