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It took time to settle in here as the new female Police Chief in Ulric’s Haven. What took more time, was making peace with the Wolven that live in the mountains surrounding the town. I’d heard of mysterious creatures, wizards and such before I relocated here, but hearing stores and seeing things for yourself are two wildly different animals.

What’s worse, is I’ve got the hots for one of them. He blew into town in an uproar, and I should have arrested him but instead, I fantasized about what that furry chest of his looked like without his flannel shirt. I never understood the appeal, until Vargr, the oldest of the Wolven Brotherhood.

He’s grouchy and gorgeous. He’s breathtaking and broken. He’s seven feet tall and built like a supernatural linebacker. But, my microscopic amount of experience with relationships has left me more than jaded. Besides, Wolven are Wolven and I’m human. Letting my heart and my lower forty lead the march into madness will most definitely end in heartbreak.

Or, will it?

Author’s Note: The Wolven Brotherhood is a series of interconnected standalones with Wolven men discovering their fated mates and fighting for the love and families they never thought they’d have. These guys are monsters on the surface, but deep down, they are marshmallows for their one-and-only.

Want to know how Police Chief Holly and Vargr discover they are fated mates? You’ll get all the answers here in Wild Heart. Both characters appear in Wild Born, book one!


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