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Living as a Wolven for a hundred years, I thought I had life figured out. Then, I caught a scent that threw me way off my game.

Every wild instinct inside me ignited the moment I saw Gail Bardot. Turns out, this scent has red lips, hips for days and now I’m salivating like I’m on the hunt.

She’s the sunshine to my surly. The challenge I didn’t know I needed. The mate I never thought I’d find.

My need for her pounds inside me like a drum. I’ll find a way to secure her into my life and my offspring into her belly but first, I must save her from a nightmare she doesn’t expect.

I’ll take on whatever’s coming for her, whether mortal or supernatural. But can I do it before it claims what’s mine? Or, will darkness prevail and leave me lost forever…

Author’s note: These two will put you in the hotseat from the moment they say game-on! This pin-up gamer princess grabs this paranormal hero by the short-hairs and throws him for a loop. But, never fear, he takes charge…both with his one-and-only and the unfortunate trouble that threatens what’s his. No cheating, lots-o-spicy-peppers and a happily ever after to wrap it all up.


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