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Odin Hendrix has a talent for cleaning up other people’s messes. Only, he’s becoming less and less enamored with his career path. When he walks in on a blood splattered crime scene that needs his special sort of attention, the last thing he expects is the blonde haired, blue eyed, curvy morsel that bursts from a closet fighting for her life.

If he does his job the way he should, Gracie Stefanova will be just another body to be handled. But that’s not going to happen. He’s got her tied up tight and locked in his basement bunker in record time.

Things heat up when she decides she’s done being a prisoner. Even if it is to the brooding, hot kidnapper who is tempting her in ways she never dreamed possible. There’s just one problem: the people that hired Odin to clean up their mess see Gracie as a loose end that needs eliminated.

And if he won’t take care of it, they will.

Odin Hendrix is an island unto himself. He likes order. He hates being touched.  That is, until Gracie Stefanova turns his world upside down. Her lush curves have his control panel short circuiting and all the feelings he’s kept buried for three decades come boiling to the surface. The resulting steam will have you wiggling in your seat and looking for a fan.  It’s no cheating, a little spanking, and some push-pull that will have you rooting for these two to find their unique version of happily ever after.








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