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Being the daughter of a diplomat isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. For eighteen year old Chloe Nightingale it’s meant au pairs, new schools and a different home every few months. Add to that her ability to talk to dead people, and she’s never quite fit in.

Enter a renegade trip to a small town, one broody Wolven, and suddenly she feels like she belongs.

For Art Brogue, being a hundred and fifty year old Wolven doesn’t mean you’ve truly lived. After escaping a century of servitude to a power-hungry witch, he finally finds a home with The Pact, determined to forge his own path.

Then, a young curvy red-headed stranger steps off the bus and it’s fated-mates-at-first-sight. He knows she’s too good for him, too pure, but soon she’s in his arms and mating her becomes his obsession.

Trouble is, dark forces are gathering and it’s Chloe they’re after.

Can this outcast Wolven claim his one and only and finally find happiness? Or will he be forced to let her go to save her life?

Author’s Note: Chloe and Art have a connection that transcends space and time. Sparks fly the moment they get close, and it isn’t long before things reach boiling point. Safe, no cheating, dual virgins and an HEA that will leave you breathless.


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