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When my roommate breaks her ankle and needs someone to stand in for her annual ‘cruise’ with her boss, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

What makes it worse, is this ‘cruise’ is for rich people who want to avoid all things Christmas. In fact, just mentioning the holiday or wearing red can get you kicked off the boat. When I meet Eton Glass, my new boss, the young tech wiz who has turned his fortune into a bigger fortune, all I can think of is he’s the package I’d like to unwrap on Christmas morning.

I have to leave those fantasies on the dock because it’s clear, I’m here to do a job. Play his girlfriend and do as I’m told. Only, we are playing our parts a little too well and our feelings explode up against the wall on the anti-holiday love boat. When I get caught with a few forbidden festivities I’ve snuck aboard, my little attempt at holiday cheer just might be what ruins our Christmas. Or, maybe, it’s what saves us both.

Get your tinsel on, because Eton Glass is going to light up your Christmas tree. He and Kristina may not know where they are headed when they hit the high seas, but it doesn’t take long for them to be caught up in some pretty hot waves. Safe, no cheating, a few hard edges but always a happily ever after.








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