Nikolai Andrew has been writing stories as far back as he can remember. His elementary school teachers used to have him stay after class to try to explain some of his more creative work but with a to-die-for smile and wisdom beyond his years, he always managed to charm his way out of trouble. Not much has changed, except he’s now found an outlet for his stories where he can show off a bit of his darkness, a dash of dominance and a sprig of hopeless romantic topped with a whole helping of hot.

When he’s not writing, he’s playing with his many aquariums, searching for rocks, enjoying cheap vodka and making waitresses blush. He’s got a penchant for vintage Playboy’s and Vargas girls and a weakness for giving out spankings and cookies. Drop him a line anytime. He loves to hear from readers. Especially their own ideas on what he should write next.

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